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Behind the Collection

Spatial Palette

Design Forward

Highlighting our continued efforts towards sustainable innovation, Spatial Palette is a design-forward, Hybrid product made of approximately 51% recycled content.


Spatial Palette is the first collection to launch on the innovative new platform, ReWorx, a 100% PET product that can be recycled in its entirety. Each 12 x 48 inch plank within the collection contains post-consumer recycled content from approximately 27 recycled bottles.

Warmth and Tactility

With an embossed grid visual, the heathered cross-hatch design contributes to a feeling of warmth and tactility. Available in 16 colors ranging from warms to cool neutrals, the collection includes jewel tones for accents and bright pops of color for wayfinding, branding and dynamic design. 

Inside the Design

Made of a 100% PET that can also be recycled in its entirety, it performs like a hard surface with the comfort of carpet.


Where durability meets sustainability to close the loop. ReWorx is a hybrid flooring solution combining the durability of a hard surface with the comfort of a soft surface.

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Idea Book / Issue 10

Looking within for the best outlook for our future. People. Product. Process and Place. Curiosity and perseverance — a journey towards designing better — and, most importantly, a vision for circularity that today is the cornerstone of our approach to designing forward. Explore our design from the inside out in Idea Book, Issue 10. 

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Spatial Palette Lookbook

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Coordinating Palette

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