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Project Name: Transylvania University's Strickland Auditorium
Firm: RossTarrant Architects
Location: Lexington, KY
Photographer: Chris Phebus
Products: Aargon Broadloom I0495 in Cacao

Students today will eventually be employed in jobs of the future. To prepare students for these jobs, it is important for today's educators to create the right learning environments. The design of learning environments is, in many ways, connected to student success. It can evoke a feeling, enhance engagement and create a sense of place. Within higher education, design of the physical and experiential space is interconnected-- creating space to prepare the students of today for the careers of tomorrow.

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To demonstrate the performance of our ExoGurd® finish, the Patcraft technical team created the RTS test method based off the Martindale procedure.


Both our ExoGuard® resilient finish and our EcoSolutionQ® nylon fiber is constructed to resist soil and stains, as well as high appearance retention over time.


Patcraft resilient is polish optional, offering easy, low-cost maintenance and lower lifecycle costs that help to extend the lifespan of the floor.


Our flooring can provide opportunities to enhance acoustic design – balancing quite spaces and collaboration spaces with sound-absorbing materials to positively impact the student experience.


EcoSolution Q100™ is a yarn system that offers 100 percent post-industrial recycled content allocated from waste minimization and collection efforts. Our carpet tile products made with EcoSolution Q100™ offer a lower embodied carbon footprint creating valuable material out of waste and putting it back into our manufacturing process.


Our re[TURN] Reclamation Program allows us to reclaim EcoWorx, ReWorx and Plant RP made resilient products to decrease our reliance on virgin raw materials and further reduce our embodied carbon footprint.


Specifying and using products with lower embodied carbon – achieved through material reuse and manufacturing – makes a positive impact and can help lower the overall carbon footprint of the building.


Our goal is to lower all of our products’ embodied carbon footprint through raw materials and manufacturing. Few products can have a zero carbon footprint. By investing in projects that reduce emissions like reforestation and solar we can offer carbon neutral solutions and make a positive impact on our environment.

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Patcraft is a national sponsor of AUID, partnering to transform the learning environment together.

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AUID provides a network and resource for the sharing of information, discussion of issues, resolution of problems related to interior design work at Universities, and the management of interior design work at institutions of higher education. It is the mission of AUID to:

· INspire: promote the engagement of its members through sharing of information and resources; discussion of issues and solutions to design challenges; and a network for management of interior design at higher education institutions.

· INform: increase and foster the education of its members and future interior designers.

· INvest: Support the empowerment of Interior Design professionals; especially the public health, safety, and welfare at the institutions our members represent.

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