Spatial Palette

Not only is this collection a sustainably minded product, it is also carbon neutral and a durable, design-forward product, providing a beautiful heathered crosshatch design. Spatial Palette is designed to perform similarly to a hard surface with the comfort underfoot of carpet. Each 12x48 inch plank within the collection contains post-consumer recycled content from 27 recycled bottles, helping minimize landfill disposal, reduce the use of virgin materials and lower a product’s carbon footprint.  

On average, 61 plastic bottles are used to create the material ingredients to make a square yard of ReWorx and does not contain PVC, phthalates or PBD/PBDE. Spatial Palette is fully recyclable at the end of its useful life to be made into more PET Hybrid product, which is made of approximately 51% recycled content.  

Spatial Palette Room Scene
Spatial Palette Color Line

Spatial Palette offers an embossed grid visual, a heathered cross-hatch design contributes to a feeling of warmth and tactility. This collection is available in 16 different colors, ranging from warm to cool neutrals and includes jewel tones for accents and bright pops of color for wayfinding, branding and dynamic design.  

This high-performing flooring collection absorbs sound and offers soft surface acoustical benefits and textural design. Spatial Palette is easy to clean and designed to boost hard surface performance against stains and spills, providing enhanced roller mobility. Spatial Palette is ideal for heavy traffic commercial spaces and areas looking for enhanced acoustical properties.