FAQs - Technical

Specifications can be found on each individual product page. 

You can find our carpet installation guidelines here . You can find our resilient installation guidelines here .

Cleaning and maintenance is of the highest priority to maintain the performance of your flooring. Learn more about our enhanced cleaning and maintenance guidelines.

Our carpet maintenance checklist can be found here .

Our resilient maintenance checklist can be found here .

Mixed Materials and Bio Based do have specific maintenance guidelines. You can view the Mixed Materials guide here and the Bio Based guide here.

Our warranties are based on the backing and fiber type of carpet or the product platform of resilient. You can view the warranty for your product on the product’s detail page. If you need assistance identifying the correct warranty for your product, please Contact us.

Our adhesives are recommended based on the product type. Check out our adhesive brochure  to find the best adhesive for your installation.

FAQs - Design

Yes, we do offer a visualization tool to help you design your next project. Check it out!

If you are looking for more advanced visualization, please contact your local account manager  today to work with our visualization services team.

We also offer the Virtual Design Tray tool to help you visualize your next color palette. You can add hard and soft surface flooring, yarn poms and Benjamin Moore paints. Create your own curate palette today.

You can also explore our coordinating palettes and idea starters  to spark your creativity.

Absolutely! We have a custom design team who can assist you with creating a product specific for your project. Learn more about our custom design team or check out  Chroma  to get started with your design today.

Yes, we manufacture  all of our carpet products in the USA. We also manufacture a selection of our resilient products at Plant RP in Ringgold, Ga.  Check out our made in the USA resilient styles.

Yes, we do offer customizable rugs. You can select the product, shape, size and edging. Learn more about our rug offerings.

FAQs - Solutions

Yes, we do have products that are InStock Now. You can check out the style and colors that we have available here .

We also offer a pdQ program that features products that are available to ship to you in 10 business days or less, giving you fast, easy access to high-performance flooring products for your fast-turn projects. Learn more about our pdQ products here.

Yes, we offer a variety of hard and soft products that include acoustical properties.  Learn more  about our acoustical offering or explore our  Sound Advisor  tool for your specific project construction.

We offer a variety of moisture solutions to fit your needs. [View](https://www.patcraft.com/html/getmedia/e2ad19c2-dad5-42a8-a2cf-055f5311d88c/MoistureSystemBroch_PC_0226201_8_-(2).pdf.aspx)~ our moisture solution options to learn more.

Yes, we do offer underlayment for sound, comfort and moisture.  Learn more  about our underlayment options to find the solution that will best fit your needs.

We offer a variety of accessories such as transitions, wall base, micro transitions and more. View our full accessory offering to learn more.

FAQs - Sustainability

Absolutely! Material reclamation and recycling has long been a key consideration in the way we design and make our flooring. Our re[TURN] Reclamation Program allows you to return your EcoWorx flooring at the end of its useful life to divert from the landfill and provide us with the means to continue the cycle of creating new products out of old.  View the steps to initiate a return, and allow us to add to the almost 1 billion pounds of carpet we have reclaimed and recycled since 2006.  Learn more about our reclamation process.

Yes, our products are created for people and the planet. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

FAQs - Contact

You can contact our Customer Connect team at  info@patcraft.com  or 800.241.4014

You can locate the local account manager in your areas with our rep locator tool.