Mindful Me



Some may view wellness as an opportunity to optimize themselves. Create a better self. Focusing on their potential and reaching his or her best. While others view wellness as embracing themselves - just as they are.

In order to solidify this well-being, people are beginning to seek more mindful time and space. Within their daily schedules, people crave stability and a sense of routine. Within their surroundings, they seek secure spaces dedicated to their physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Environments can show they support these ideas by prioritising design that alleviates stress and soothes anxieties. Elements such as inviting pause points, tactile surfaces, soothing colors and natural materials will become core design features to connect emotionally and physically in mindful spaces.

“Designers are championing wellness with innovative products and new materials, flooring that supports physical and mental wellbeing is becoming an important design element to residential and commercial spaces,” shares Harriet Kilikita, WGSN associate editor.

Focused_Workplace_HQ.jpgPeople are increasingly seeking escapism in the form of mindful spaces that give them a chance to stop and reflect. The concept of home as a space for self-care and wellness is driven by the need for calm and comfort. As home becomes an ever-more important space for people, bringing home-inspired elements into spatial design will be crucial to keep emotional levels high.

“One of the things that we’ve talked a lot about is designing spaces with empathy and consideration in mind, for this idea of mindfulness and wellness, and keeping people connect,” notes Shannon Cochran, Patcraft vice president of creative and design.

People today consider wellness to be as valuable to them as money, shifting the focus from luxury goods to products and services that can enhance their emotional and physical wellbeing. The new symbol of wealth is now about bettering all aspects of ourselves.

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If you are interested in learning more about mindfulness in the workplace, contact your account manager to participate in our CEU, Mindfulness: Transforming the Culture of Wellness.