About The Collection

Originally launched in 2016, AdMix is re-introduced at NeoCon 2022 with eight new colorways. Using an innovative translucent resin flake for depth and dimension, AdMix offers neutral tones for flexibility in design and bright shades for energetic, playful spaces. In 18 x 36 and 36 x 36, AdMix is a 100% homogeneous solid resin resilient that is constructed to withstand the most demanding environments. With a 25-year commercial limited warranty, AdMix is virtually seamless when installed and can be heat welded and flash coved, ideal for acute healthcare spaces. Low-cost maintenance, scratches, scuffs and stains can be easily buffed.

inside the design

AdMix homogeneous tile is a solid resin resilient constructed to withstand the most demanding envirements. Its continuous construction allows for scratches, scuffs and stains to be easily buffed. Ideal for wayfinding, zoning and branding, it can be water-jet cut, heat welded and flash coved for seamless, water-tight transitions. Easy, low cost maintenance reduces life-cycle costs and extends product life, ensuring longer lifespan for the floor.

NeoCon 2022 Collections

Spatial Palette

On Neutral Ground