Spatial Palette

About The Collection

Available Summer 2022. A design-forward, sustainably minded product with high-recycled content that can be recycled at the end of its useful life to help minimize landfill disposal, reduce the use of virgin materials and lower a product's carbon footprint — all while meeting stringent material health requirements and providing beautiful design. Spatial Palette is the first collection to launch on the innovative new platform, ReWorx, a 100% PET product that can be recycled in its entirety. Each 12 x48 inch plank within the collection contains post-consumer recycled content from approximately 27 recycled bottles. Designing for circularity. Close the loop. From the inside out.

Made of a 100% PET that can also be recycled in its entirety, Spatial Palette Performs like a hard surface with the comfort of carpet. Durable design. Carbon neutral. Designed for circularity. Closing the loop from the inside out.

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